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Radio Telescope Antenna


OTA or ( over the air ) antennas  have made a huge comeback! After the demand to switch to high definition and moving to the ATSC 3.0 platform, you can get stronger signals like never before. The modern antenna has become small and compact. No more metal monstrosity attached to your home! In the Bradenton area alone, we are receiving over 70 channels. Learn more below.

The FCC still rules the Over The Air platform. No more black outs or change of programming due to the Emergency Broadcasting System - watch all the football you can stand! When the cable is out, you can still stay up-to-date with local news and T.V. And besides, OTA

( Over The Air ) is free!

Depending on location and choice of antenna,  there are many stations that you can receive. I personally have an antenna, and I receive 76 channels.

This is where the magic happens. YHC can implement your network where you can watch OTA television on every television in the house with, or without coaxial cables. Call us for more info.

Installation is easier then you think. Knowledge of placement and coaxial cable can get it done! Let YHC connect your antenna and get you free OTA digital T.V. Call for more details

A lot of your favorite programming is not what it used to be. Why pay for programming that you're not happy with. An antenna will help you get out of the cycle of paid programming.

Free phone consultation.

On Site Estimate may vary due to location, time and scope of work. Please contact

You Have Connections so we may better understand your needs.



Learn and and educate yourself on the the advantages of having an OTA antenna. Also, find what channels are available in your area.

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Streaming Devices


Streaming is more then just a fast internet connection. 


The proper antenna for your

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YHC brings the big screen to YOU!

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