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Streaming devices can be confusing and not always the right fit for your needs. Let YHC help you make the correct decision and have a functional seamless entertainment experience.


Most people are cutting cable. This means paying a bill from your ISP which is internet only. There are many options for streaming devices and services. Let YHC choose the right one for you!

Android T.V.

Android T.V. offers endless possibilities for your home entertainment system. From 4K to 8K streaming. An abundance of applications of streaming services. To in home and cloud connections to hold all of your media.

Apple  T.V.

Apple T.V. has come a long way. New and a improved device has made them a forefront in the running. 4K streaming and all your favorite streaming platforms.


NAS ( Network Attached Storage ) can hold all of your media. Movies, Music, Pictures and whatever else you can store, A NAS server can hold it!

Plex Server

Plex server is a robust media delivery platform system that stores all of your media and delivers on it's promises. All you need is a computer and the content to fill it up! Free T.V. as well.


Free phone consultation.

On Site Estimate may vary due to location, time and scope of work. Please contact

You Have Connections so we may better understand your needs.


Home Theater Installation
Audio Installation and Configuration


Professional Audio / Video Consultation, Design and Installation


Netwrok Consultation and Installation

Home Network 

Consultation, Design and Installation

Streaming Devices


Streaming is more then just a fast internet connection. 


The proper antenna for your

location and Installation



YHC brings the big screen to YOU!

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